Frequently asked questions

Here are the most frequent asked questions.

What is slew drive?

Slew drive is complete ready-to-install unit of slewing ring for transfer of axial and radial forces as well as tilting in a enclosed steel housing.

How does slew drive work?

Slew drive's hydraulic motor rotates the screw and the screw rotates the slew ring.

What are the axial-, radial load and tilting moment?

Axial load is parallel to the axis of slewing ring.

Radial load means vertical load to the axis of slewing ring.

Tilting moment is the load multiplied by the distance between the position of load and the center of slewing ring. If the torque generated by load and distance is greater than the rated tilting moment torque, slewing drive will be overturned.

How long slew drive warranty?

12 months. More specified warranty terms can be found here.

Where are deliveries sent from?

Deliveries are sent from Taavetti, Finland. MenSe Oy keeps standard MSE7 - MER21 models in stock. Other models may have longer delivery times.

What delivery methods do you use?

MenSe Oy uses DB Schenker for pallet deliveries. Most of the slew drives fits to 80 x 60cm pallet except MER21 needs EUR-pallet.